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The mySugr app

mySugr is made by people with diabetes, for people with diabetes. When it comes to taming the diabetes monster, we want to be your partners in crime! The mySugr app stores all your important diabetes data from connected devices, integrations, and manual entries, in one convenient place. The mySugr app will be right by your side throughout your diabetes journey, helping you stay motivated, confident, and ready to tame the monster!

  • Get it on Google Play
  • Download at the App Store

Everything you need to know about the mySugr app features

mySugr Logging

Ever thought about keeping a diabetes logbook? With the mySugr app, it’s as easy as pie. mySugr features some fabulous tools to make logging less of a chore. In the mySugr app you can log important therapy data such as blood sugar, meals, activity, insulin, and so much more! Handy features like the Photo Function and entry customization mean you can embrace the wonderful world of data logging and kick old-school logbooks to the curb.

Finally, a diabetes management app that’s as unique as you are!

  • All your data in one place
  • No more lugging logbooks, calculators, and food diaries around
  • Intuitive logging with a colorful, user-friendly interface and an encouraging little monster that motivates you every step of the way
  • Customize each entry to suit your unique management needs
  • Convenient digital logging makes for easier diabetes management
mySugr logging

Connecting your devices & services

At mySugr, we’re of the humble opinion that paper is for origami, not for logbooks. That’s why when you connect your diabetes device with mySugr, your connected meter will automatically log your blood sugar readings into the app. No need to bother flicking through pages anymore! Everything’s available in a few taps in the app.

Connection Brings Freedom!

  • Automatic data importing saves tons of time
  • Connect your blood glucose meter and avoid manual logging errors
  • Connect your Google Fit® or Apple Health® tracker to easily track fitness data
  • Enjoy extra time in your days thanks to the Pairing feature

mySugr Bolus Calculator¹

The mySugr Bolus Calculator is just like a pocket mathematician. We know that bolus calculations can be tricky. Let us do the math so you don’t have to! The mySugr Bolus Calculator helps you calculate the right amount of insulin for corrections and mealtimes. Less math time, more mealtime!

Dose with Confidence!

  • Set-up is customized with your unique therapy factors
  • Say goodbye to guesswork when it comes to insulin calculations
  • Improved insulin dosing with accurate calculations every time
  • Adjust the mySugr Bolus Calculator and therapy settings any time within the app under ‘Profile & Settings’ and ‘Insulin Therapy’
mySugr bolus calculator
1. The Bolus Calculator calculates the dose of insulin or carbs you need to get back in range. It’s based on your individual settings and you can harm yourself with incorrect or false information. If you are unsure about your parameters, please contact your doctor before you continue. The Bolus Calculator is for your own use only and the setup should not be completed by anyone other than you. Not available in all countries.

mySugr Analytics

Get a clear glimpse into what’s going on with your diabetes using mySugr Analytics. The dashboard in the mySugr app shows you an analysis of all the relevant data points as well as patterns in your blood sugar. Simply swipe to the left and access your diabetes data from the previous 7, 14, 30 or 90 days. Thanks to clear infographics, you’ll be able to identify areas where your management could be optimized.

Handy Info for Timely Decisions:

  • Current day stats visible for (bolus-) fine-tuning
  • Colorful infographics make for easy pattern detection
  • Compare weekday data and analyze blood sugar for trends
  • Simply swipe left and see patterns for the week, month, and even quarter

mySugr Estimated HbA1c

When we say we want to add ease to diabetes management, we mean it! We know how nerve-wracking it can be to get your HbA1c at the doctor. That’s why we built an estimated HbA1c value right into the mySugr app! Once you’ve logged enough blood sugar values, you can view your eHbA1c* anytime, anywhere by simply glancing at the dashboard in the app. Aaaaand breathe...

No More Quarterly Surprises!

  • Regular logging means constant eHbA1c* updates.
  • Long-term diabetes health goals are always in view.
  • Attend your quarterly healthcare visits with confidence!
*The estimated HbA1c is based on your imported measurements and does not replace actual HbA1c measurements. To get your eHb1Ac you have to log or import your blood sugar levels 3 times a day for 7 days.

mySugr Meal Photos

When it comes to food logging, the more detail the better. ‘Pizza’ is not just pizza after all! With the Meal Photo feature in the mySugr app, you can tell the story behind your data. Track how your body processes different foods, track your favorite meals, and become a carb counting connoisseur!

Fine-tune Your Favorites!

  • Take food logging to the next level
  • Keep a record of all your favorite meals
  • Look back and learn how different foods impact your unique diabetes management
  • Make meal specific adjustments based on previous blood sugars
  • Become a carb-counting connoisseur
mySugr meal photos

mySugr Report

Download and access all your diabetes data in just a few clicks! The mySugr Report compiles your data for easy printing or digital sharing. Thanks to the Report function, you can access your data anytime, anywhere, and even send an overview directly to your healthcare team. mySugr Reports provide you with:

  • Estimated HbA1c — since your glucose can change over time, showing an estimated HbA1c can help to hone in on the weeks that feel a little “off.” If you’re making gradual changes to improve your control, you’ll be able to see the progress you’re making too²!
  • Blood Glucose (BG) average for the week
  • Standard Deviation for the week (how much your glucose has gone above or below your average glucose — the “swing” factor)
  • Activity time for the week
2. Please note that the estimated HbA1c is calculated from manually added or imported Blood Glucose values only.

The best combination for synchronising your values:

mySugr PRO and these devices!

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* The availability of devices may vary by country or region

Compatible with:

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    Apple Health


  • google-fit

    Google Fit


    Want to know more about mySugr and Accu-Chek®?

    "Great App.

    I love this app it helps me manage my sugars just like a notebook but in my phone it helps me keep track of everything and itis very easy to use I’m thankful n greatfull for this app because it helps me take better care of myself."

    BabyTon3 | September 2020 | App Store (iOS)


    More than 5 million downloads worldwide*. 4.6 stars user experience rating.

    Average app rating in App Store and Google Play.

    * From Jan 1, 2019 to March 4, 2024, based on aggregated numbers provided by the App stores consoles

    mySugr 5 million downloads

    mySugr PRO


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    + Includes All Basic Features +

    Multi-BGM Syncing

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    Meal Photos

    Blood Sugar Reminders

    Empowering Challenges